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Initial Exercise Guidelines for Optimal Health

For everyone from beginners to experienced veterans, guidelines on preventing injury and regimens for maximizing muscle gain can be beneficial. As you begin your journey into a healthy lifestyle and explore several different exercise techniques to adapt to your body, keep these key takeaways in mind to maintain a healthy state of being.

  • Recommended exercise times are between 6am – 10am due to the body’s stamina, strength, and hormone levels being at its highest point in the day
  • Eat well in advance before or after exercise as blood circulation will be optimal for muscles without having food in your stomach to impede
  • Refrain from diluting blood with excess water consumption during exercise, instead refresh with light sips of cool water as needed
  • Dress accordingly, as breathable materials will allow for better circulation, and close-fitting outfits will be less of a hazard around gym equipment
  • Warm up with stretching and gradually increase intensity to avoid harsh tension on joints and muscle fibers
  • Tailor your exercise routine to your age, physical fitness, and nutrition. Attempting to outperform your body’s capabilities can cause injury, especially without supervision

Exercise is an extension of health.As with all factors of health, moderate your exercise in accordance with your physical and mental health.Exercise in excess can bring about harm to both your mental and physical state. The key is to maintain a balance in your exercise and lifestyle to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.