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Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement for Men (60 Capsules)
Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement for Men (60 Capsules)
Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement for Men (60 Capsules)

Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement for Men (60 Capsules)

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A NATURAL APPROACH TO PROSTATE HEALTH. Botanica Boost Prostate Support is a potent herbal supplement for men, formulated expressly to keep prostate muscles strong and help you maintain urine flow that is already in the normal range. Comprised of 16 natural ingredients that promote healthy urinary tract function, it discourages the release of enzymes that lead to DHT production. This may delay age-related prostate enlargement so you can confidently engage in all your favorite activities and enjoy restful, uninterrupted sleep at night.

16 herbal ingredients for prostate health

Botanic Boost uses powerful herbs, meticulously formulated into a single supplement that promotes continued healthy prostate function: Boerhavia, Tribulus, Ashwagandha and Ceylon Leadwort Roots; Coriander, Horsegram and Velvet Bean Seeds; Orchid Tree, 3-Leaf Caper, Indian Jalap and Saxifraga Ligulata Barks; Pricly Chaff Flower; Indian Tinospora Stem; Guggul Gum Resin; and Long Pepper and Amla Fruits.

100% vegetarian-friendly

Prostate Support is gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. This 60-count bottle contains 30 servings of herbal prostate supplement. The suggested use is 1-2 capsules with water after a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If you are taking medications or have a medical condition, consult with your healthcare professional prior to the use of this product. As with all medications, always keep Botanica Boost Prostate Support Supplement out of the reach of children.

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Still early

Still early, but so far, so good

Thankful for Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement

I am thankful for Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement. I have an enlarged prostate. Three years ago, it shut down my urine stream and I ended up in the hospital. My urologist put me on Finesteride and a maximum double dose of flomax. The swelling went down soon but not alot. I found Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement on Amazon. The reviews were good, so I gave it a try. I take two pills at night. Within 3-5 days I noticed an improvement. The doctor thought so too. He dropped my dosage of Flomax to one pill a day. Its been a year now and its still slowly improving. I have another visit to the doctor coming up in 6 months. I plan to ask his opinion about halving the dosage again. Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement works. Start taking before your prostate swells. The pain isn't work it. I recommend starting when you hit 60. I will never stop taking it.

Great product...

Actually works. Won't be without it.

Very good supplement!

I've tried many prostrate health supplements over the years to improve urine flow and to assist in a better overall men's health. I've been disappointed so many times until now! The Botanica Boost is a wonderful product that is not over priced! I was taking Flomax twice per day and not happy at all...after two weeks on the Botanica Boost Prostrate supplement, I was able to cut back to one Flomax per day and all is well! Looking forward to possibly eliminating the Flomax in the near future. I have recommended to other friends and family. Great product!


Botanica Boost Prostate Supplement for Men (60 Capsules)